During my exchange period in NUS, I really gained much professional knowledge and received very systematic instructions. For academic modules, I chose Network, Computer Security, Computer Graphics, Parallel Computing and Japanese. In Network module, I learnt how data is transferred among the internet and in which way machines are connected. In Computer Security, I learnt how to encrypt the message to build the secure channel and how the hackers hack computers. In Computer Graphics, I leant how to draw 3D images via computers. In Parallel Computing, I learnt how to distribute the task to let computers do parallel computing. In Japanese module, I learnt how to read and write Japanese basic characters and how to communicate in daily life. Also, I met a lot of good friends and kind professors. The difference between SUTD and NUS is in NUS, for some modules, the tutorial class size is very small, like 10 to 20 people in one tutorial, the class size in SUTD is a bit bigger. In NUS, the materials learnt in lecture will be reviewed in tutorials after 2 weeks so students will have more time to review the materials taught in the lecture before tutorials.

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