CCA Activities

My SMU exchange experience was not all online, as I had joined the SMU Judo club. As an experienced judoka and member of SUTD Judo, I was excited to train in a new environment and meet new friends. There were physical trainings twice a week, and there was a period of time where we had to revert to online Zoom trainings due to covid measures. However, the friends I made there were great and it was nice to get to experience a sport that I enjoyed with a new group of people.

Additionally, the SMU Judo team brought me around the area and introduced me to an even greater variety of food and places to visit in the future when I am in town.

Catching COVID

In the runup to SMU’s presentation week and finals, I caught COVID-19 somehow somewhere. I suffered some severe symptoms including a high fever, body aches, loss of taste and smell and persistent cough. This meant that I could not properly prepare for the final project presentations with my groups and I feel very thankful that my groupmates were understanding enough to help me cover portions that I was unable to. So this is a quick shoutout to everyone who helped me in one way or another.

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