I vividly recall the dilemma I had more than 2 years ago when I was unsure of which school I should attend for my university education – NUS or SUTD. Never did I expect myself to be able to experience both until the school offered the Singapore Universities Students Exchange Programme (SUSEP)! Although I was planning to go for an overseas exchange programme to Sweden, the plans got called off due to the pandemic. I was a little disappointed about losing a travelling opportunity, but exchange at NUS was fun too!

Due to the prevailing safety management measures, most of the courses were still conducted online although some activities were still conducted on campus. Unlike the SUTD campus, the NUS Engineering Faculty is really hugeeeeeee and it felt like a maze. There was once I was almost late for an exam despite having reached the vicinity half an hour early because I could not find the venue. Fortunately, the students there are really nice and offered to show me the directions to make it in time for my exam (I still did quite terribly though XD).

Another thing I really love about NUS is the availability and affordability of great food! I tried almost every stall in the University Town’s food courts and most of their items were under $6. Just imagine having a big bowl of Mala or getting a coconut milkshake anytime on campus with your friends whenever the craving comes!

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