Updates for second week…Changshaa!!!

Changsha got me excited like

So this week we bid farewell to spicy mala:( but there was still good food for days

Changsha’s homebrand bubbletea Cha Yan Yue Se was bomb
And ridiculously cheap noodle stir fry from street vendor outside our student accomodation 凤林宾馆

More shopping!!

Miniso strikes (again??!?) 8th time in two weeks at least hahaha guys be warned Miniso is a Rabbit’s Hole

But that’s only the beginning…

from climbing more mountains

Surmounting 岳麓山 (not really we just took buggy)

and sliding down!

we also had more museum walks and visits to places of historical/cultural significance like MaoZeDong’s childhood residence

Big group photo
Did you know? Swimming was one of Mao Ze Dong’s favourite pasttimes?
This tomb belonged to a noblewoman and was several stories high! Just look at the tiny people on top

Handicraft making sessions

Paper Cutting
cup making!! heheh checkout my portrait of Chairman Mao

Taxidermy (in science laboratory) and more exotic creatures

staring contest
yixuan stealing a peekatchua <3

In Chengdu, we managed to visit the famed Kinjaz dojo (which to the uninitiated is a famous urban dance crew from the USA). For the dancers on this trip that was a huge plus but what we didnt expect was to run into a dance studio in Changsha too and on the last day? No way we were leaving without going for class!

Went for class with a friend from NUS


All in all, I was found this trip really enjoyable for several reasons:

  1. Getting to know lots of new people. Albeit the limited time I felt that many meaningful conversations happened during the course of the trip with both students from the Chinese Unis and also iur Singaporean counterparts. Even if you’re introverted like me, you should give it a shot or you’ll never know just what good things might come out of this short stay!
  2. Foood cheap and good. Need I say more? We tried like 6 different brands of bubbletea (My personal favourite being ChaYanYueSe from ChangSha because of the rich tea flavour.) and practically all of them were btr than sg bbt (sorry Koi and Gongcha lovers xD)
  3. Fun times learning more about China through (some) lectures and museum tours during the day, plus exploring city scapes at night checking out the places locals go to chill and of course some Karaoke as well!



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