Bye Bye, Singapore! Hello, Chengdu! Look at our excited faces hehe. Enjoy it while you can because you may see some zombie faces in the next few posts ( Let’s just say travelling is tiring sometimes).

Us looking excited!

First Day! SUTD has its Jackie Chan’s pavilion and Sichuan University has its ‘cousin’. The pond was so big though. It is not just one big pond but several big ponds in the university. We walked about 20 minutes every day to and fro the accommodation to the lecture room. Shanice & I lost weight during this trip hahaha.

Shanice & I showing off our latest miniso purchases! Shanice’s memory foam neck pillow that was very comfortable! We were on our way to the river! The river is huge and being the geography nerd that I am, I loved the river. 

Universities in china are huge!! This is the gate for one of the major gates to enter the university. Just one of it. Looks like an entrance into some grand palace in one of those historical Chinese dramas. Love it.

S-U-T-D represent. Yet again, let me emphasize on how big the campus is. The structures were ginormous and my eyes really could not adjust to how massive these pillars were.

Onto our next Univeristy!

The university was very nice and helped us organize a sports meet and here is pretending to be good at badminton while my skills are that of a pre-schooler.

Highlight of Chengdu! Pandas. Pandas are the cutest animals on planet Earth and I am beyond grateful to see these cute babies with my own eyes. I love pandas.

There were so much good memories created in Chengdu, especially the pandas. Couldn’t be more excited to see what Changsha has to offer us!

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