Hi everyone. I’m Benjamin and it’s my second time in China as i’m one of the lucky students to be selected to attend the Sino-Singapore Undergraduate Exchange(SSUE) Programme. On this trip, we aim to strengthen bilateral ties between China and Singapore and to also achieve a greater understanding of China’s culture.

On the first part of the trip, we spent one week at Tianjin, and received warm reception at our hosting universities Nankai university and Tianjin Foreign Studies university.

Pictures speak a thousand words so i’ll let them do the talking

Day 1: Formal wear for the welcome ceremony by Nankai University


Travelling together with students from SMU, NTU and NUS!
Nankai university is absolutely massive
The Eye of Tianjin
Tianjin boasts architecture from many different western countries due to its history
3D printed models in Nankai university. Wow…

We visited a primary school in Tianjin Eco-city and i was surprised to see this – a creation from one of the students there
At the Sea-gull museum of watches – detailed break down of all the parts within a watch
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