And we finally visited the grand Terracotta Army

Hi everyone! Part 2 of blog here. So after spending one week in Tianjin which is more of a city, we moved to Xi’an to visit the Terracotta Army and many other cultural sites. So our hosting universities in Xi’an are Jiaotong University (no, it doesn’t translate to traffic university) and Shaanxi Normal University.

Day 8: The night after we arrived, we had a dumpling fest for dinner which was pretty good. There were at least 9 different types of dumplings
After dinner, we had an Chinese opera performance, which is completely out of our expectations. It’s a really grand performance accompanied by superb stage lighting and technology. There was a live Chinese orchestra playing music in the background as the show went on

Day 9 morning: We received a warm welcome from Jiaotong University with exciting performances
Paper cutting!

And also calligraphy
And we finally visited the grand Terracotta Army

We ended the last day of the trip learning Taichi from one of China’s nation champions!


The trip was really one of the best trips i have been on and pictures really fail to showcase the full experience that i had over the last 2 weeks. If you want to experience it, apply for SSUE next year!

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