Nope. We are not promoting cigarettes here. They are smelly and harms our health. Please quit smoking if you do. Thanks for making the world a better place by not smoking. It was really really darn smelly…

Price: 3Yuan
Number of sticks: 20

Purchased from: Education Supermart (Inside ZJU)

Product: Mutation of cells in our alveoli and bronchioles AKA Lung Cancer

The weather is really bad in China. PSI hits  200 easily on an average day here. Breathing gets tougher and our heads feels heavier when we head outdoors. You get tired extremely easily when you do sports.

Its okay guys. Do not worry. Healthcare Bling Bling is here to help!

Our aim is to come out with a product that is able to purify air on the go. This would be achieved by allowing the device to be either wearable/ portable. Firstly, we would aim to come out with a functioning product which effectively purifies air and improve health. With that, our ultimate goal is to make it so convenient and cost effective such that it becomes a necessity, where people would bring it around everywhere they go, increasing standard of living by improving air quality.

And that is what the cigarettes are for! (It is totally not for us to smoke…)

A lit cigarette is placed in a sealed box, and the purification devices( The one which looks like a white toilet roll) are left to run. The objective of the experiment is to look at how fast air is being purified using different technology by looking at how fast the concentration of pollutants decrease.  Our future experiments include a more thorough measurements of the different technologies once we have modified the device to our expectations.


That’s all folks. Till next time… Time for a smoke break

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