Seoul Incheon International Airport

Kiss was a unique and different experience from the usual SUTD life. Being in summer school would also mean that one would be able to make friends from all over the world, with students from Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, the UK and many more joining, even students locally from KAIST joined in too for several of the courses.

Project mates in KAIST from all over the world

Not to mention there were student buddies who were also international students and have been in KAIST for some time already. They thus know the surrounding areas of KAIST and were always ready to recommend places to go to after classes or during the weekends. The lecturers were also nice to allow us to have certain flexibility over our curriculum and over the last weekend they didn’t issue any homework to allow us to enjoy Korea. At the same time not forgetting that through the time spend in KISS, one would be able to explore around Korea to experience its culture and different way of life.

Trying out Taekwondo together with other KISS friends

Its not quite the east meets west, a conglomeration of many races like in Singapore, but still a unique mish mash of languages in its own Korean language. Its the place where ancient old meets new, but somehow each retaining its own individual style.

Gwanghwamun Square surrounded by modern Seoul Government buildings, the ancient Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Bukhansan Mountain in the background

Its also where an almost forgotten war still looms with its neighbour to the north. Be it the people, places, or weather there is something really for everyone in Korea. Using ‘wonderful’ or ‘great’ does not do justice to the experience, neither would simply reading the experiences of others describe the full picture completely… only would coming to KISS to find out what its like would be the way to truly experience it all.


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