Medusa (green) was full of twists and turns.

We are already halfway through summer school – how time flies! This week, our group visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with the other groups. It was an amazing experience full of thrills.

We started our day with a long drive (with songs, of course!) to the amusement park.

As we were reaching our destination, we became more and more excited with every new rollercoaster that came into our view. Everything looked so fun.

We were excited to head in.

We started out with a family rollercoaster called Cobra, before moving on to scarier and more thrilling rollercoasters. Some rides we took were Medusa, Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, Kong, THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity, THE JOKER, and WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth.

Medusa (green) was full of twists and turns.
One of our members rode the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster on his own – he just kept going through the loop over and over again.
THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity (red) seemed frightening just by sight.

Afterward, we drove back to Stanford, buying sandwiches and a whole roasted chicken for dinner. On the way back, we passed by Facebook headquarters and decided to drive around for a better look.

We even managed to catch the beautiful sunset on our drive back!

Overall, it was a tiring but definitely fun day. We really enjoyed our visit to Six Flags. Now, it’s time to get back to studying because midterms are coming up in Week 5.


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