Berkeley Library

Week 4

Time for Midterms

Time passes by really quickly when you’re having fun, before we know it, we’re already halfway through our summer session here at Stanford. This means that we’ve already covered half of our syllabus content and it’s time for (the dreaded) midterms.

While most of us took humanities courses and would only need to submit essays and other assignments, others have to sit for written examinations in our classrooms.

Movie Night

In between our mugging sessions, we decided to catch the latest Marvel movie release Thor: Love and Thunder at Century Cinema 16 at Mountain View (a 20 minute drive from Stanford). The cinema there was a completely new experience for us as the theatre was equipped with large and comfortable cushioned leather chairs that could be inclined and had footrests.

(Pro-tip: sign up for free membership to enjoy discounted ticket prices on Tuesdays – USD6.50 vs USD15.50)

Century Cinema 16

Visiting our Berkeley Friends 

SUTD x Stanford x Berkeley

Despite the fierce competition between Stanford and Berkely, we paid a trip to our fellow summer exchange counterparts at Berkeley. They brought us around Downtown Berkeley and the campus and we even had a picnic at a grass area with a view of the iconic Campanile. It was a fun-filled day of shopping and catching up with our friends.

It was an hour’s drive back to Stanford but we left with our hearts full. Stay tuned for our next blog post as we head to Yosemite next weekend!


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