Week 7

San Francisco Cruise

Red and White Fleet Cruise at Pier 39

It was a delight for us to end off our 8 weeks at Stanford with a cruise event organised by Stanford Summer Session. We usually saw the sea from the coasts onshore but this time we had the opportunity to travel the seas and view the scenery from the cruise.

The weather was beautiful that day, with hardly any fog in sight! (we were very lucky because it’s usually foggy over the bay)

San Francisco Shoreline
Group Photo on Cruise

National Day Celebrations

NDP Celebration with other fellow Singaporeans
Branner Hall Enjoying Singaporean Dishes

We celebrated our annual 9th of August National Day with home cook dishes at Branner Hall! Thank you chef for all the local delicacies that we got to share with our international friends! Everyone really enjoyed the Kaya Toast, Soft Boil Eggs, Indomie and Bak Chor Mee and not to forget Milo!!

(P.S. it’s common to have ‘international food nights’ here at Branner, nearly every week we get to try delicacies from different countries like Japan, Italy, Mexico and more)

Week 8

Fountain Hopping 

Fountain Hopping at The Claw

It’s a Stanford tradition to go fountain hopping at the many different fountains we have around campus. The more memorable fountains are the ones outside Green Library, Hoover Tower and The Claw featured above which can be found outside the Stanford Bookstore.

As many of us wrap up our Finals with final paper submissions, presentations and even written tests, we’re sad to see our time here at Stanford draw to a close.

Last Branner Hall Group Photo

We’re very grateful for the many memories and friends we’ve made in these short 8 weeks. Thank you Branner Hall and Stanford, it’s been a blast!

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