Hey everyone! We have come to the end of our 4th week and I cannot believe we already spent 1 month here in Stanford. Time really does fly past when you are having fun!

As all of us will be having midterms in the coming week, we took this week to take a break from all the crazy adventures and stay mainly in campus to focus on our studies. When you wanna play hard, you gotta study hard too right? But that does not stop us from taking breaks and having some fun as well. Scroll down to find out more!

Some of the SUTDents that went to UC Berkeley came over to Stanford to visit and we hosted them! Here are some of the places we brought them to.

Memorial Church
Cardinal S Logo at The Oval
Hoover Tower

Besides studies, some of us also went on small trips.

Abu went to meet his Aunt and ate at an Asian restaurant;

Glenda, who used to study in USA, caught up with her friend back in the days;

De Rong attended boxing and Pilates sessions;

Ruoqi went for a concert of one of her favourite bands.

We even went to Six Flags, an American amusement park chain, during the weekend.

Sight of the amusement park as we entered. Excitess
We couldn’t wait to enter!

The first ride we took was Superman Ultimate Flight. We had to queue ~45min before it was our turn. But it was worth the wait!

One of our NUS friends, Evan, joined us on this trip. It was great having him along.

Evan’s pose of victory after conquering his fear of heights

At the end of the day, we had our fill of roller coasters and were satisfied!

Our satisfied faces after a whole day at Six Flags, though our throats were probably gone

Not to mention, the night view of Six Flags is breath-taking, including the gradient of the sky!

What a thrilling weekend we had! But now, it is time to use this boost in energy to get back to studies. Wish us luck for our exams! Stay tuned for more (last 4) updates. Cheers!

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