Time sure flies!! We are left with just 2 weeks of summer school:(( Here’s group 3 again with an update of our week. Enjoy!!!

We have been really cherishing the last few weeks of summer school. Many of us took time during the week to hang out with international friends whom we met during summer school and fellow Singaporeans who are in the US. To name a few, De Rong met up with his NUSH friends on several occasions, Glenda went to Facebook to meet a friend for lunch, and some of us went outlet shopping with some Singaporean friends we met during the programme. We also attended a friend’s birthday party where we got to meet other international students.

Our happy faces with our boba tea 🙂

Some of us also signed up for the day trip organised by our House Director and Residential Assistants to California’s Great America!! Some of the rides we sat on included Delirium, Gold Striker and the Drop Tower (which was many of our personal favourite).

We are excited for what we have planned for the week ahead so come back next week for more updates from us!

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