Week 3 done and dusted!

Hey everyone, here are a few updates on our 3rd week here at Stanford. Enjoy!!

Summer school has been extremely enriching for all of us! The diversity in modules that we are taking has expanded our horizons in different ways –

Glenda learnt about the artist intention when reproducing a painting, and how the lights and darks that we see can be translated into shadow during her painting module.

Abu, who is studying Chinese, is intrigued by the morphology of Chinese characters and has also been learning how to converse in Mandarin (he even practices what he learns by occasionally conversing with us in chinese).

Hui Ting finished her first midterm examination this week and has also been learning how to apply cost-effective analysis and sensitivity analysis in the context of health policy decision-making.

Did you know that if you look at any astronomical object in the sky, you’re looking at its past? Earth’s distance from sun does not affect the seasons, but rather its rotational axis tilt. Small things like this intrigue De Rong, who is taking an astrophysics module.

As our midterms approach and with assignments due, our group has been studying diligently this week. However, we still managed to squeeze some time over the weekend to rest and play – we took golden hour/sunset photos around campus, exercised, shopped, and met up with friends.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Some of us walked around campus to explore places that we haven’t been to and took some photos! (featuring Zhen Hao – the photographer behind many of the beautiful photos taken during our Summer Program – at the Oval)
Our first meal at Five Guys after spending the afternoon shopping.
10/10 would be back again for their cheese burger (the mushrooms inside the burger was really good), fries (Ruo Qi approves!!) and five guys shake (would recommend the strawberry + vanilla).

Stay put as we share with you more updates from our travels over the next few weeks. Till then, catch us at the dining hall enjoying our soft serve after every dinner 😊


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