For ALP, the final end goal of our entire learning journey is a theme project, of which we will present to our friends here in ZJU and eventually our schoolmates as well back in Singapore. Here in Hangzhou, I am part of the group for Theme B: Screens & Beyond. For our project, we intend to build an application capable of transmitting files and data across phones of different platforms (be it Android or iOS).

In the creation of our application, we have considered many possibilities in which code to use in developing our app. After much contemplation, we choose to code our app in HTML5, which is capable of viewing on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as on any web browser on a computer.

With that, our group presents to you: Encompass!

Here in Hangzhou, we are coming very close to the end of our stay here. After presenting our product to our audience here, we encountered a lot of problems with our app that makes it difficult to use. Hopefully by polishing up these areas back in Singapore before the term starts, we’ll be able to showcase a better product in SUTD!

With that, this is my last post here. Thanks for accompanying me throughout my posts, and see you back in school!

– Eiros

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