It has been 4 weeks since we arrived at Stanford campus, and everything seems amazing to us. Besides the regular courses that we are taking, some of us also have the pleasure to participate in a special entrepreneurship program called Silicon Valley Innovation Academy (SVIA) which is to let us explore how to take our first step to build a start-up and start doing  hands-on and practice.

The Sprint is one of the most excited event that we have done in this program. We created a startup company named Ice Cream United(ICU)  and start our business just in 7 hours. There are sales, logistics, marketing, documentary and product teams that form the whole company. And Drew, who is the co-founder of Product School as well as our mentor, was our CEO. We started with something blank, struggled for getting the first box of popsicles out on the campus and worried about the marketing strategies to sale our products and get maximum profits.

Here are some photos of the event itself. We really attracted a lot of tourists in Stanford!

We attract lots of kids. (Credit to Jimmy Li)
This little girl is smiling because of the popsicle! (At Stanford Oval)
In front of the Stanford Memorial Church.
We sat in a circle and listen to the presentation from each team. (Credit to Mark Lee)

This is our whole “company”! (Credit to Mark Lee.)
We finally donated the money (USD 400+) we earned to charity. (Photo credit: Drew)

It was really a wonderful experience that shined our whole day! You can check the related Facebook page here, as well as the YouTube video here!


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