Besides immersing ourselves in academic studies in ALP, I am also privileged to be part of the TF LEaRN Programme which is held in conjunction with the ALP. I will be involved in community service projects and the beneficiary that the TF scholars will be partnering with is Hushu Special School.

WenZhen working on her guns

Our hardworking team working on the stage decorations for Childrens’ Day

We were trying to learn Wushu moves from the students performing on the stage.

Childrens’ Day for the kids at Hushu Special School

My team 🙂

Teaching that English using Nursery Rhyme Song like ABC and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

My partner Xiaoqi and I were allocated to teach the Primary 3 students and it had been a great joy teaching them

TF peeps + Zhang Lao Shi

My time with Hushu Special School was a short 1 ½ months as the students had to break for their summer holidays in end June. It was a very heart-warming and unforgettable experience for me as I had done many voluntary work before, both local and overseas but this time, I had the opportunity to teach a special needs school in China. It was quite difficult trying to communicate with them, especially in Mandarin. There were times where I forgot some vocabulary and terms but thankfully, I had a great partner and the teacher-incharge to help me out!

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