1 car, 3 states, 4 days, 9 people, and a whole lot of fun.

Because you can’t say you’ve seen America without a proper road trip right?

Our trip started with a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We rented a car which turned out to be slightly bigger than expected.

And that began our 1000 mile journey across 3 states (yes we travelled that far).


We visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is famous for its insane roller coasters. Goliath has a 78 metre drop and goes up to 137km/h. I don’t know how we survived.

(Brave souls)

And we managed to sneak in some time to rock climb in Hollywood Boulders! SUTD Climbers represent.

We settled in early to prepare for the next day.


Las Vegas is in Nevada, another state from Los Angeles. So it was a pretty long drive. The weather got progressively hotter as we travelled north towards the desert region.

And it’s not just Singapore-weather-hot. It peaked at 44 degrees at one of our pit-stops towards Vegas. But it’s all part of the experience!

After 6 hours of driving, we finally reached our destination. We spent our time there shopping, walking around Vegas Strip, and enjoying the city lights at night.


And yet another day of driving. We got up at 5am to start our journey to another state: Arizona. 5 hours later, we reached Grand Canyon National Park! Thankfully the weather wasn’t as toxic as Vegas and we managed to do a pretty decent hike down from the canyon rim.

We started at the Grand Canyon Visitor Centre at the South Rim. The view here is fantastic. You have to experience it in real life to understand how huge this place is. The canyon is basically a gorge with steep cliffs, formed by erosion from the Colorado River. It took 6 million years of erosion and geological activity for the canyon to be what we see today.

We hiked down to get a better view of the canyon.

It was humbling and unforgettable to be able to experience one of nature’s most incredible creations.


Nope the day wasn’t over yet. Reluctantly, we got back into our car and left Grand Canyon (10/10 will go back again).

We had a 483 mile drive back to Los Angeles to complete. After 8 very long hours, we finally reached LA and settled in for the night.


We went up to Lake Hollywood Park for a sick view of the Hollywood sign.

Then it was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, where the Hollywood Walk of Fame is. Stepped on many celebrities’ stars that day.

We ended our day at Santa Monica Pier. There’s a nice little amusement park in this seaside community.

And that’s the end of our road trip. It had been nothing short of amazing.

(And to our 4 drivers who made the 1000 mile trip safe, thanks guys!!!!!)

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