Exterior of Liangzhu Culture Museum

Perhaps one of the most important archaeological finds in Hangzhou, large tombs in the Yuhang area of Hangzhou indicated a highly developed ‘Liangzhu Culture’. Today, a part of Yuhang has been developed and named after them as the Liangzhu Cultural Village. Our theme spent our last outing at this village, battling against the hot sun as we toured and visited this newly developed area.

Liangzhu Cultural Village boasts many works by great architects, with the three most prominent ones being the Liangzhu Culture Museum by David Chipperfield Architects, Liangzhu Culture Center by Japanese Architect Tadao Ando and the Meilizhou Church by Tsuschima Design Studio.  Of course, we did not forget about a sumptuous meal at 知味观, a local restaurant which has been established since 1913. Without further ado, I’ll just let the pictures of these great works (of architecture and of food) speak for themselves! (:

Inner Courtyard of Liangzhu Culture Museum
Library at the Liangzhu Culture Center
Industrial-styled Liangzhu Culture Museum
Meilizhou Church
东坡肉 from 味知观
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