The start of the next phase of our project: Designing our lamp.

To start our creative juices flowing, we came up with a short list of things that we wanted in our study lamp.  Some of the criteria included being able to manually and automatically control the height and position of the lamp, and also being able to control the kind of light the lamps produced, such as warm and cool lighting.

One of the most amazing things about China is Taobao. The Chinese version of ebay, carousel etc.  If you’ve never heard of it, go check it out! To get some ideas on how our lamp could look like, we did a quick search on taobao.

These stuff basically served as an inspiration for the designs that we were to make. Got to present this to the prof next week. Hopefully we wont be shot down

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‘Healthy’ and ‘Intelligence’ are the keywords have been emphasized by modern civilization. ‘Healthy’ as our basic objective, not only means to prevent the occurrence of diseases, but also means a higher quality of life. Our lighting system should offer users with healthy module, and the more important thing is to give users the feeling of healthy and intelligence. Besides, our product should integrate the intelligence function, and achieve the convenience of manipulation by industrial design (user interface design).Therefore, the goal of this project is to design a ‘Healthy & Intelligent’ lamp which is suitable for Chinese primary and middle school students, and to provide a healthy and intelligent lighting system for the primary and middle school students and teachers in the classroom.


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