The endless amount of sketches we had to do :(

Another week of sketching. This week we’ve met almost everyday with the Prof to present our sketches and how we think the lamp should work and look like. It seemed like she was never pleased with the designs that we came up with. Finally on Thursday, she decided she had seen enough of our ideas and asked us to choose four of our best designs and improve on it as well as CAD it out. Next week we’re gonna meet the Kaiyao manager again to present our ideas and get some feedback from him

The Chosen Ones
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‘Healthy’ and ‘Intelligence’ are the keywords have been emphasized by modern civilization. ‘Healthy’ as our basic objective, not only means to prevent the occurrence of diseases, but also means a higher quality of life. Our lighting system should offer users with healthy module, and the more important thing is to give users the feeling of healthy and intelligence. Besides, our product should integrate the intelligence function, and achieve the convenience of manipulation by industrial design (user interface design).Therefore, the goal of this project is to design a ‘Healthy & Intelligent’ lamp which is suitable for Chinese primary and middle school students, and to provide a healthy and intelligent lighting system for the primary and middle school students and teachers in the classroom.


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