…because they’re called the Berkeley Fire Trails HA HA HA laugh with me pls. I had already walked around the trails once before with someone else, but decided to go again because I needed the exercise desperately (save me from endless buffet breakfasts and dinners…) and because some of my other friends hadn’t gone yet. So after lunch we geared up and stepped out into the SEARING HEAT but no seriously it was like the hottest day we had experienced in Berkeley so far – the same temperature as Singapore!! Maybe I’ve just been spoilt by the 23 degree afternoons we otherwise experience heh. Although there’s a clearly marked path through the trail, we decided to be ~adventurous~ and go off into the trees a bit (thanks to trail maps that assured us we wouldn’t fall off a cliff and die) to wander around and look for great views…

…and great views were given to us!! Wah we walked for like 4 hours HAHA but it was great. Seriously, how am I going to be okay with Bukit Timah hill after this. I’m probably going to miss the amazing hiking here the MOST.

Justin kind of looks like he’s yawning but I promise you it’s a HAPPY FACE!!

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