Glass Bridge

On the Third day of Zhang Jia Jie i decided to not go to the nature reserve after the terrifying experience the day before. Instead i opted to go to another famous sight of Zhang Jia Jie. The Glass bridge of Zhang Jia Jie. I took a bus to the main town of Wu Ling Yuan which was the hub of Zhang Jia Jie and took another bus to the Canyons where the glass bridge was at. It was quite a small bus which was useful to navigate the mountain roads of Zhang Jia Jie and i finally reached the top of the canyon which was the place to see the Glass bridge. However, just as i reached the top of the canyon, it started to rain and well that was a little disappointing. Furthermore, i could not bring my camera up to the bridge and had to leave it in a locker which was also a letdown. Hence i deposited my camera in a storage box and proceeded to the bridge. I donned a special protective slipper cover in order to not damage the glass before entering the passageway to see the glass bridge. When i emerged from the place similar to a vomitorium, i was greeted with the splendid sight of the glass bridge. But almost reminded of the rain. I got out my umbrella and proceeded to walk towards the glass bridge in order to have a view of the scenery below the glass bridge. I had heard on non-rainy days there would be plenty of tourists all lying on the glass bridge in order to take photos but with the rain that sight and desire to lie of the bridge has faded. Instead i saw some little kids trying to slide on the glass of the bridge in the rainy weather.  But the rain also brought in the Fog and it slid past the canyon causing what i could see to be blocked by the fog that had gathered. This was a little vexing as the ticket was quite expensive and also the trip had taken me a good 3 hours to get to the canyon. However,i couldn’t let a little bad weather ruin my plans and i continued down the glass bridge into the canyon below.



The canyon provided a nice walk along a river bank. There were quite a few sights along the way ,mostly of how the rocks created shapes on the canyon walls. It was just a nice peaceful walk with waterfalls along the way. Furthermore i got to do a flying fox along a stretch of the river which was quite fun. It all ended with a boat ride along the canyon when i reached the end. This was a nice change of pace as i got to seat a short boat ride along the river and got to see the canyon from a different perspective, one that was further away from the walls of the canyon.  It was definitely an interesting trip and one worth it if you have lots of time in Zhang Jia Jie. However if you are in a rush it is also the weakest attraction at Zhang Jia Jie hence would be the one that would be skipped.

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