When we first entered this theme i felt that we all had this expectation that the theme would have been a technical course. After all, we had been told to familiarize ourselves with python. As a result, we all thought that well it is going to be a course where we were going to delve deep into machine learning and create a working prototype at the end of the course. Hopefully getting experience that we would be able to apply to our future projects in the future. I guess that was the aim of most people in the theme.


However it seems that we were wrong. For as we worked on the project it became increasingly clear that  we worked mostly on the design of the Artificial intelligence rather than the technicalities involving it. We designed how we imagined the system would be like. How the design of the processing of data would be like rather than actually going into the details of actually testing out the system. We didn’t receive a budget to test it out nor the guidance to see if the project would actually work out.


Though what i have learned was that in China the projects are more focused on the aesthetics rather than the technicalities of the project. I guess that is a interesting juxtapose against SUTD where most of the times the people are focused on the project actually working rather than the aesthetics of the project. They are willing to put in the extra effort to ensure that the project will work on the day of showcase. This is different than China where aesthetics is King. Maybe due to the fact that the market is readily able to help you churn out the output that you desire in china with its massive population hence to stand out you need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as work. Hence, i guess it may be a difference in culture. In the end, our expectations may not have been met but i guess we also learnt a lot about how to present and beautify out projects to ensure that it catches the audiences attention in the limited time in which our products are showcased to them, Which is really important in the real world where if we are able to share our ideas properly, only then would it be a product that the masses would be able to understand and hence support. Thus in the end i guess though the lessons were different from what we initially expected, we learnt other lessons that were beneficial to our future projects.

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