Our ALP trip is coming to an end. 12 weeks have already gone by, leaving us with one last week to explore China. But before that, there was one more thing each group needed to do.

Clean up, pack up.

Look at the immense number of rolls of bubble wrap bought for us to wrap our products back to Singapore!

Look at the immense number of rolls of bubble wrap bought for us to wrap our products back to Singapore!

Mass shifting of prototypes in place back to Singapore!

For our theme, it was no easy feat as well. The aftermath of our work and presentation was real. Before our cleanup, our workbenches had many small resin pieces which we needed to clear and ship back for the learning carnival celebration. The place where we made our resin pieces was heavily stained with sticky, hardened resin on the ground, such that whenever someone walked by the area, he would make loud cracking sounds as he tries to dislodge his shoe from the sticky ground. The area was messy as it could be previously. In case you haven’t noticed how our workspace looks before, and wonder how it looks after cleanup, let me show you the before and after pictures.

After – All prototypes packed

On Saturday, my roommate and I also tucked into our last 外婆家 meal. We ordered what we both love, steamed egg, and roast pork belly, just like we ordered during our first meal here in Hangzhou.

To round up our final meet-up in Hangzhou, our professors and teaching assistants also held a final dinner here on the second last day of the trip for all the theme members. Everyone helped ourselves to delicious servings of food, drinks, all paid for by our Professors! To part ways, we had an exchange of gifts with one another, our teaching assistants hand-made cards for us to bring back, for each member! That’s nice of them!

Spencer having fun at the dining table
Individual cards to be given to each member!

The final day in Hangzhou ended off with savouring one final cup of 黑龙堂’s Cheese Machiato, lunch with my friends, and a sunset outside my hostel.

Ah Bao Pizza. Our final lunch in Hangzhou
My final cup of cheese machiato

Hangzhou sunset

Before we left the next day, my roommate and I extended a kind gesture to the cleaning auntie who cleans our room, to thank her for being so polite and gentle and willing to talk to us, and also for her dedication and hardwork.

谢谢大嫂!Thank you Auntie!

Doing some final roundup checks, we were all finally ready to leave for Singapore.

Goodbye China!

Ok maybe not so soon. We stayed in the airport due to a 5h delay in our flight, only managing to take off at 12 midnight.

The original flight take off time was supposed to be 1755. Now it’s delayed to 2250.

On the flight, everyone was drifting in and out of sleep, trying to get used to the airplane seats. We were even awaken when the air stewardess came with supper, but nonetheless, everyone was glad we were on the way home to Singapore. The plane finally touched down at 0445 in Singapore.

And finally back. 0500 at the airport
Time to get to sleep. The sun is getting bright now. 0645.

I can’t describe how much I miss Singapore even when I’m away. Nothing beats being back at home and enjoying the company of the friends you have not seen for 3 months!

And there we have it. A fun fulfilling 3 month/1 term long odyssey come to an end. I am proud to have met new friends, and have new experiences on this trip. Till then, I’ll come back to China some other day.

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“Smart Beauty” is about visions of the future smart world we are heading to. Our life will be significantly changed not only at a technological level but also at an artistic and psychological level. This is the place “design” happens, and that is why we need to integrate. Our project is split into two parts, the first involves creating artistic prototypes, and the second involving creating prototypes that serve a greater function for its users without compromising on the aesthetics......------------------------------------------------------------------- **THE TEAM: Melissa Tan Rui Lin, Spencer Phua Peh Han, Nicholas Chan Zhi Wei, Daniel Ho Jin Hao, Xiao Yuxuan, Samuel Halim, Huang QiuHong, Caleb Ng Jun Wei, Gionnieve Lim Jia Yu, Yeoh Jan Wai, Lucas Chua Boon Hwee **TEACHING ASSISTANTS: 张曹炜, 李璇,刘馨,唐楚齐, 陆南楠, 张帆,Wang PinHao **PROFESSORS: 姚琤,赵艺钧, 陶冶,王冠云, Sunny


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