The Indonesian Seminar hosted by Nova
みなさん、こんにちは (Minasan, kon'nichiwa)

Hello everyone,
As it has been some time I have posted a blog post, I shall be updating everyone on my journey in this culturally rich country. Before I begin, I guess it would be better for me to start with what I have done in school for the past week. On Friday, we had an international Indonesian seminar, when we had a discussion on topics regarding Indonesia as a whole, and we ended the seminar with an Indonesian party. Indonesian food was prepared by the student that comes from Indonesia, and we were also thrown the bomb to host the Singapore seminar next month since Indira and myself  + an NTU professor is currently at Tokyo Tech.

This week was also the start of the Engineering Design Project – A class. Our objective for the first class was to discuss a strange event that occurred in our life. One of the groups started talking about Tawashi Ojisan (scrub brush guy), whom I have also seen at Ikebukuro when I was walking around the area. They mentioned that he might have lost his pet in the past, and he would now walk a scrub brush around Tokyo. One thing I have learnt from the Japanese culture is that empathy is very important in the design scoping of their projects.

Tawashi ojisan (scrub brush man) who would pull a brush around in public. Some say he miss his lost pet, some also say he might be crazy. (photo not by me)

In the past week, other than spending my usual days in school, I have travelled to Yokohama, Tokyo station, Ginza, Harajuku, Shin-okubo (also known as Korea Town), Tsukiji Market. To end this blog post, I shall just upload pictures of my adventure at the above-mentioned locations (along with food pictures!)

Till we meet again,

Went to the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama and made a cup noodle for SUTD.
Part of the Imperial Palace
Me and the famous double bridge at the Imperial Palace
Meiji jingu (Meiji Shrine)
This is a tuna head, and it is HUGE. @tsukiji market
Ichiran ramen, the most delightful bowl of noodles to make you happy.
A beautiful bowl of Kaisen-don @tsukiji market
Grilled seafood @tsukiji market

and yes, I love food.
till we meet again,

Andrew Sng
| Engineering Product Development | Electrical | Junior |

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