Overlook from Hoover Tower

Always wonderful time flies! I didn’t even realise that I had been here for almost three weeks. After everything settled down, we  started to further explore the Stanford campus as well as the the world outside Stanford .

Last week we went to the Hoover Tower which is one of the landmarks of Stanford with my friends. (I remember there is a evening when Du Li lost his way on his bike, he found the tower and finally arrived home safely :)) We took the elevator to the top of the tower. The staff there explained the history and stories behind this tower and how the tower bells work. When we reached the top floor, I felt that when it’s burning summer downstairs, it is cool autumn on the top. The wind was extremely strong and cool, and from there we overlooked the whole campus, which was spectacular!

On the weekend I travelled to San Francisco.

Food in SF
Pier 39
Golden Gate Bridge
Near Fisherman’s Wharf

Now it is time to study hard!

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