Learning in school

This week, for the start-up crash course, we learnt about the importance of having a business model as well as the different types of teams that we could be in. The importance of having a cooperative and good team was really emphasized. We learnt about the value proposition for our business, how our service and goods can provide gains for our customers as well as relieve their pains. We were also taught how to make a minimum viable product and the 4 principles behind it. The week was ended off with a pitch on our idea.

For the VR gaming course, we were given some guided tutorials about the usage of the Oculus Rift. We manage to make a small pick and drop VR simulation using the skills we learnt during this week. Currently, my team is researching on how to figure out how to get readings such as accelerometer and position of the controllers which is needed to build our VR game which will allow the player to fly!

Sports day and Anna’s Birthday

After class, half of the summer class students went for the boat tour while the others went for Sports Day. We were among the only ones who went for Sports Day since we did the boat tour back in Term 1. It was a hot sunny day. TU Berlin provided us with different sports equipment, ranging from ball games to racket games to niche ones such as a chapteh, diabolo. The ones we enjoyed were ping pong, frisbee and volleyball. After our Sports Day, some of us went to celebrate our new international friend’s birthday. We went to Mondial Terrassen, a restaurant in Berlin to have dinner.

Beach Day

Friday happens to be a non-school day as TU Berlin helped us to arrange a day at the Wannsee beach. What was interesting was that Wannsee is not an actual beach. While it does have sand and the laid-back vibes of a beach, the water body is more like a lake, with beautiful boats around. Luckily, the sun was blazing, which makes it the perfect day for Wannsee. Arriving at the sandy shore, we found a nice, shaded spot underneath a beautiful willow tree. Once we had set up our picnic mats, we couldn’t contain our excitement any more, so we went ahead to play beach volleyball! As we were all new to the sport, we took some time to warm up and get used to it. Teams were made and we started a mini tournament. We even invited some Germans to come join us; it was super memorable.

After being under the sun for hours, we really wanted to jump into the water. So, that was what we did. All that swimming and splashing made us hungry and so we went to have lunch at the burger stall. The WannseeBurger was flavourful and replenished our empty stomach, we even had slushies that gave us an energy boost.

After energizing, we had a frisbee match. We did not expect frisbee to be this tiring and intense. It was fun, nonetheless. We ended off the day just sitting around to talk and relaxed as we enjoyed the scenery with great company.

Berlin Zoo

On the last day of the week, we went to visit the zoo. It was a hot and sunny day, the perfect weather to go outside. Unlike Singapore, it was not humid, so we didn’t have the issue of being wet and sticky. We started off with visiting the elephant. Unlike Singapore, they didn’t have an elephant show, which was disappointing. However, we all had fun anyway looking at the humungous creature. We then moved on to visit the aviary. We saw golden eagles and vultures in the enclosure, and they were really aggressive. We even had the privilege of going up close to a friendly bird. Next, we moved on to the cats and the night safari animals. Sadly, there were not many cats to be seen as the enclosure was undergoing construction. The night safari section was underground and completely dark, with small glow-in-the-darks demarcating the path. The night safari animals were very captivating as the cute fennec foxes were very active and the armadillos were very curious.

After all that walking, we were hungry and so we went to get Indian cuisine. The amazing curry satisfied our craving for the food back in Singapore. After recuperating, we visited the Sea aquarium. The fishes we saw were colourful. There were enormous fishes that goes up to the size of a human. We ended off the day by taking some final photos before heading home for dinner.

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