It has been two weeks since we come to berkeley, since it’s the first time I’m writing the blog, I will post some of the picture of our hostel first, our International House(Ihouse)!

I take this picture on my way back to hostel, the wide white(pale yellow?) picture is Ihouse, you will find it quite frequently that our mountain is surrounded by the mist, it’s really amazing to me at the first glance.

View of our hostel and Berkeley from study room, a peaceful place. The temperature is lower than expected, around this time, t-shirt is okay but in the morning, even adding another jacket is also not enough, so really prepared for some thick clothes in case you go San Francisco(it is even colder there and windy, so do wear a jacket and long pants.)

Same view at different times :-),  a different type of beauty and joy.

During the weekdays, I have classes everyday so I didn’t get a chance to really go around and have a nice tour, and this weekend, we go shopping!!!

The place we went to is called San Francisco Premium Outlets, it probably the biggest outlets in San Francisco, if you wanna an even bigger one, you may wanna consider going Los Angeles. Outlets is basically a collection of all types of stores, you will find sports clothes stores,  Casual Clothes, Luxury stores, perfumes and so on. Most of the time, you will find yourself a satisfactory shopping trip there because there are really a lot of stores to go and prices are generally lower (that’s the most important~) and some shops will also get discounts.

The places is around 33 miles from us, which takes around 11 hours of walking, not really a long time right, if you start from Friday evening you can reach there in the next morning! (Just kidding). Alternatively, you can call Uber which takes 40 minutes and around 30 dollars to reach there.

At the main gate of Outlets! I really have to say the sky is so pretty everywhere in America, just like in Singapore, it’s simply relaxing everywhere you go with this fresh air. (Some of shops may need passport (duty free?) but for the shops that I have been to I didn’t really use that (and also no duty free), I’m not sure about this)

A shop with an interesting name haha, don’t know what’s this shop for.

The places looks quite cool even you don’t want to buy anything, but a bit crowded on weekends.

We found Mexican Burritos near one food court, and the Burritos tastes……..Well I have to say different people have different preference, it’s really worthy in terms of size, a big roll of Burrito, something like subway where you need to choose your vegetables and meet(you can also choose vegetarian) and also some sources.

One Burrito is about 8 USD, prices is quite fair but my friend don’t really like it, I think it’s fine for me, well…

For those who are fund of Luxuries, there are also plenty of options for you, like Gucci, Burberry, Prada and so on (Sorry I only know about these much, there might be others but I’m not familiar with). The prices are relatively lower compared with normal, but yet..

I found this bag pretty in Prada, it costs 1550 USD before tax, so probably 1600+ after tax, not an option for me, I belong to the ones who walk into the store, take a picture, take out my wallets……then I left, no money in my wallets, cards neither.

I have classes on Sunday so instead of going for a tour, I go to the Apple store, sorry I didn’t take any pictures, it’s on the 4th Street, you can take 51b from Berkeley to reach there in 30 minutes. It’s quite a big store, with many assistants ready to guide you through, give you suggestions and advertisement.

This is the only pictures I take, comparing the sizes of 12.9 inch ipad with iphone7. I end up with buying one phone for my parent, I think it’s worthy.

That’s all about it, for now, I’ll update if necessary, someone says shopping in America is much cheaper, maybe, maybe not, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself! And then you could consider going outlets and buy some gifts for your parents, relatives, friends and yourself.

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