[WEEK 03] 20170521 – 20170527

Friday, 26 May 2017

21 | ISU Country of the Month + Piano Concert

So there was this event that happened right outside our hostel block and we decided to take a look at it:

ISU Country of the Month Poster

and it was a competition to see which culture the students likes best

View of crowd from hostel atrium
In the crowd – the Thai booth
Beautiful Michelle getting henna
Indian booth – a variety of Indian food, including my favourite, curry 😀 Totally missed curry when in China. The smell of the spice hmmm.
Thai food yumm
Indian dance
Thai dance

Haha so guess which did I vote? Indian of cause HAHA. Okay not of cause but because they ha so much varieties of activities to do and food to eat though I find the Thai performance was much more hilarious haha. So much for voting, in the end we didn’t even know who won xD

and after getting our free food and enjoyed the atmosphere, we headed over to watch our free piano concert 8)

The brochure
Piano concert
Piano concert
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