At the airport in Hangzhou

First week in China…. everyone’s excited and nervous at the same time I think, 3 months away from home is gonna be a new experience; at least for myself. It was pouring when we first arrived, which I’m beginning to realize is pretty much the default Hangzhou weather. The rest of the week was mostly spent settling into our new accommodation/setting up bank accounts/mobile plans, so it was a good week to explore!

Walking over to IDI

Truthfully speaking, I felt slightly envious of the Zhijingang and Yuquan campuses…. they’re huge compared to SUTD! The International Design Institute (IDI) is a cozy and conducive (debatable) place to work and play, glad to have our own classroom! Haha probably also because we’re so used to having one as an SUTD Freshmore. Everyone rides bicycles or electric scooters around, and on the pedestrian walkway too (God bless me I almost got hit countless times)

Soon, I began to learn how to tackle all the little inconveniences in China….. Rainy weather? Bring an umbrella (ALWAYS)! No toilet paper? Bring your own! No internet access to Facebook, Youtube or Instagram? VPN here to help you scale the Great Firewall of China. Unfortunately, using VPN and being limited to wireless networks means really slow connections….. But I guess it kinda just forces me to get out and not be a bum in my room, which is a good thing?

All in all, twas a good buffer week to settle in and get accustomed to the new lifestyle here. Still many places to explore, people to meet, memories to be made, blogs to write.

Till then, Chao!

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Hi. My name is Yap Wei Jin. I am a 22 year old freshmore undergraduate currently studying in SUTD. I chose Engineering and Product Development as my pillar choice because I like to explore how technology; when applied correctly, can benefit our standard of living. I intend to participate in the "Music Emotion" theme during my summer exchange whilst in ZJU, which I am excited about because it pairs the two disciplines (Technology and Music) that I take an interest in. If you enjoy Music, Baseball or Dota 2, you are a friend.


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