After a smooth flight and bumpy landing, we arrived in Hang Zhou! The weather was cool at 20 degree Celsius, a perfect relief from the perpetual summer of Singapore. Though we did hear that in not more than a few weeks, Hang Zhou will reach 38 degree Celsius!

After depositing our luggage in the hostel rooms, we wasted no time in visiting interesting places near ZJU – the first being 后街 (Hou Jie), or as the local students like to call it, 堕落街 (Duo Luo Jie). The single lane street had all sorts of cheap and delicious food!

Next we visited 印象城 (Yin Xiang Cheng) to shop at surprise, surprise… Walmart! Unexpectedly, the things they sold there didn’t seem to be much different from the local supermarkets.

Our theme mates also brought us on an outing to 太子湾公园 (Tai Zi Wan Garden). We hiked up a tall hill and after a tiring hour, finally reached the top to catch a panorama of the beautiful 西湖 (West Lake).

On Buddy Day, we visited 杭州植物园 (Hang Zhou Botanical Gardens). Since Spring is over, there weren’t many flowers in bloom, but we had fun with selfies (using a drone!) and also saw a picturesque lake.

I’d like to end off here, but…

Food! Here are some pictures of the local delights at 绿茶 restaurant! Unfortunately, all of us forgot to take a photo of 面包诱惑 (Temptation of bread) as we were too busy eating… It’s an extremely sweet and delicious ice-cream dessert and definitely a must try!

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