Classes started right away on Monday; we were all headed to different mods, so we met for breakfast at the Dining Hall (our first meal there!) before dispersing to find our way to class.

We quickly realised that Berkeley Time is a real thing! Berkeley Time means that all classes start 10 minutes after the specified time; if a class is scheduled to start at 10am, the lecturer will probably only come in at 10.08am, set up her equipment and then start teaching at 10.10am. I guess we kind of self-enforce SUTD Time back in Singapore too, though it’ss not an official thing hurhur (throwback to class chat photos at 9.10am, caption: “where’s everyone…”)

My media prof also said something at the start of our first lecture (not word for word, but the meaning is there) :

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the past few weeks of your summer, coz I’m sorry to say it’s over!“ — Josh Jackson, 2017

His words have proven to be rather true as our course loads became evident very quickly; homework, quizzes, daily readings and online discussion posts piled up each day. It may be just eight weeks, but don’t be deceived coz it’s basically a whole term’s content squeezed into the duration of the summer session! There’s always something to be preparing for and the work feels pretty endless, just like during the normal school term ):

But of course it hasn’t all been about work; our days of classes and studying always begin and end with a meal together (just our personal choice but it’s definitely something to look forward to each day!), and most of us (except Wen Qi hurhur) have four-day work weeks which are slightly more bearable. On days when we’re less busy, some of the afternoon time can also be spent exploring the campus, checking out the shops and trying out various lunch options. Here are some pictures by Janice from around the campus to end off this post!

Sather Tower, also known as the Campanile; a bell- and clock-tower within the campus
Doe Memorial Library study area
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