Kick-off week (27 May to 31 May)


Lessons has finally began.

We started off doing some administrative issues, signing forms here and there (boring). In all honesty, I was trying to stay awake. Afterall, it is my first day of school. I don’t want to make a bad impression.

The next 2 days went by in a blur. We were being taught of some basic tools that we can use to better manage our time schedule, and were also given a lengthy presentation on the importance of project management. After which, we were given some games to play with the rest of the people in the class, mingling around and getting to know them better.

On Friday, we were assigned to our own groups, and got to know which teacher will be in-charge of which track (there are 3 tracks in total, with Joceyln and myself being in System and Experience Design–SED track). The grouping were apparently done beforehand, with the use of our interests as well as how we work (through the use of surveys that was done prior to this). On this day, we also got to know who our clients will be; mine being Aalto university while Jocelyn’s being Skanska, a construction company.

The week ended off with a bang. 

There was a party held in the city area and of course, wanting to fully immerse in their social culture, we made our way there. To our delight, or at least to my delight, there were plenty of champagne and some snacks. We got to taste their strawberries, and boy were they sweet. We placed those lovely strawberries into our champagne, and sipped on them while attempting to mingle and strike conversations with people around us.

The party got boring and so we left.

We explored the surroundings a little, watch the sunset, before heading back.

It was the end of the school week, and so, our weekend adventure begun.




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