Things to do in Sharon, MA:

  1. At Battleship Cove – find the direction signpost and take a picture.
  2. Chase the sunset over Lake Massapoag and take in the colours of the evening scenes. The sky is different every day.
  3. Go for a run in the morning around the lake, smile to random strangers, and enjoy the breeze.
  4. Go to the beach at the south of Lake Massapoag. Soak in the icy cold water, and either freeze to death or get used to it.
  5. Chill in the backyard of Camp Wonderland. Watch the falling pollen slowly fill your hair or phone screen.
  6. Watch the change in the vibrancy of the backyard garden. It’s amazing how the flowers grow (accounting for the pollens everywhere) depending on the weather. It was 9 degrees when Blossom and I discovered the rose garden on day 3, and 27 degrees on day 6 when we casually revisited it for a stroll, realising there were so many more roses and other flowers that bloomed within such a short period of time.
  7. In the neighbourhood – appreciate the flower gardens because you get to see bumblebees and their pollination processes up close. Some of us also played basketball at the court nearby.
  8. Find the abandoned red house with the piano. It is accessible to public and I don’t think it’s haunted.
  9. Sit on the swing outside the abandoned red house.
  10. For those who sketch, Sharon has one of the nicest neighborhoods with photogenic houses.
  11. On sunny days, lie on the lawn and enjoy the sky view. The clouds seem to be bigger and fluffier here.
  12. Go crazy at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets. Many of the branded stores (I would say almost all) have discount upon discount.
  13. Fall in love with the lady in the kitchen, Lina. She cooks AMAZING food.
  14. If you’re lucky, you’ll find wild foxes and deers in Sharon. Some of us saw a baby fox right outside the chapel at the Campsite. Apparently there’s a family of foxes residing nearby. Blossom and I also saw a majestic deer right outside our windows on our last day.

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