I can’t believe I’m writing this nearly 2 months after the events at Sharon concluded. Nevertheless, in the interest of keeping my personal experiences immortal on the web for everyone to judge, I shall trust my subliminal memory to serve me well.

We arrived at Sharon on a cold night after a 30 minute drive from the airport. Laden with jet lag and an ebbing sense of excitement, we settled into the cosy, 19th century styled, wooden interior, HUGE ASS BUNGALOW. Loved the simplicity of it – reminded me of the old houses depicted in 50′s cinema.

Next morning I headed out for a 20 minute run in the pouring rain like a madman, smiling and singing all the way. No idea what spell the midnight fairies cast upon me. The day began with a breakfast of Bagels and cream cheese. Subsequently we proceeded to officially begin our journey of self discovery.

I’ll speed through this one and walk you through the gist of the events cuz I can’t recall every itsy bitsy detail (I know, subliminal memory, but sometimes it malfunctions :( ). So we had a lot of exciting ice breakers facilitated by the ever enthusiastic Julie Carson and Jason Bergeron. We played games, sang and danced. Went outdoors at some point and played a card memory game, solved an intricate wooden puzzle without any clues, jump roped, played the ‘vadairy’ game, hit the beach (COLD AF), explored the abandoned house, played on the swings like little kids, played pool and table tennis in the basement and many other things which I’ll turn to my friends for a refresher when I’m in the mood for reminiscence.

There were the cluster and group sessions which forced us to step out of our comfort zone, build an encouraging learning community of strangers to start with, boldly elucidate our vision, think long and hard about our values and taking action every single day. One of the best leadership experiences I’ve ever had.

FOOD. Goddamn it I ate like a pig every meal! Dessert was a staple. Then again, salad during lunch was a staple too so I guess it’s fair and square hehe. Dishes included Lasagna, turkey, fish, chicken, potatoes, pasta, pizza, rice, all kinds of veggies, pancakes, ICE CREAM, MOUSSE, CAKE, MORE ICE CREAM. Oh and the fruit and veggie infused water – they outta classify it as a drug.

Running was good, explored quite a but but stuck to Sharon high school for the most part. Heart warming moment – ran around the track one morning and a large group of high school students were having their PE lesson on the track. So as they were walking on the outer lanes and saw me running past, they shouted words of encouragement, reached out to high five me and attempted to converse with me. As I finished my run, 2 of them screamed ‘GOODBYE HARISH!’ with such fervor that I was immediately transported to cloud nine.

As the camp came to an end on the 6th day and we had to leave for MIT, the instructors reminded us of the 7th day – the everlasting day, The daily day. I haven’t thought about my vision, truth be told, and haven’t done jackshit towards getting closer to my dreams. Now I will.

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