As we disembarked from our plane, it felt COLD! It was kind of expected as the weather forecast recorded the lowest temperature to be 14°C and the highest to be above 28°C. So if you are reading this and you hate the cold, prepare a jacket and an umbrella cause usually the rain and its good friend wind will most probably greet you in the cold weather.  It was another journey from the airport to the hostel. As I entered the hostel room and walked to the balcony, I was greeted by a scene that looked similar to that facing the Singapore Stadium. It was definitely a nice way to kick-start our stay here. Week 1 has definitely been a relaxing week as we toured the scenic school grounds and visited the attractions near school. The Chinese pavilion would be a good, quiet place whereas the grounds near the canteen would be a gathering of Fifth Row Clubs trying to promote their interests and upcoming events. So, hope on their wave and immerse yourself in their culture. The hawker food/ restaurant prices are considerably cheaper in China, so don’t forget to wind down and treat yourself to some delicious treats or go on a hunt for food. Does the hotpot pic make you drool? And not forgetting the highlight of the week, a visit by our President and Provost. @Fok Jun Yi, thanks for the edit. Presenting to you our 93 men strong ALP 2016. Stay tuned for more updates.


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