Week 1 was about settling into the new city and making new friends. Our theme mentors are very welcoming and hospitable, and on Sunday that week, they brought us out for an excursion to the Xixi Wetlands. Below documents our adventures:
Entrance to Xixi Wetlands | We took a selfie at the entrance. (Okay, we’re not sure whether it’s the exit or the entrance, because we passed by a giant-looking arch and continued walking for about 45 minutes to get to the smaller-looking arch) *inserts laughing emoji*
Scenery at Xixi Wetlands | Yup, that’s a yacht casually chilling in the middle of Xixi Wetlands. And we found out that we need to pay to enter. Not being stingy or anything but we realise we will have to walk even more. (Usually there’s a buggy to bring tourists around)

Despite that, we still managed to have fun by ourselves. Right at where this photo is taken, we sat around in a circle and played a game called ‘Detective’. We had lots of laughter playing that game, and it served as an ice breaker for us all. After which we went to the Incity Mall right beside the Wetlands and we had a sumptuous meal at . We tried lots of local Chinese delicacies like their chicken feet and eggplant. OMG EGGPLANT. Everyone must try them when they are here. Their eggplant is so good and I never liked eggplant until I ate at this restaurant. And that concluded our week 1 in Theme B. That’s all for now. -Jisheng

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