Ice skating: The rink is much bumpier here than back in sg but it was a nice activity for a hot day

“你给我站住!!” Meet the kid who plays with everyone who eats at the dumpling store

Advertising for 大长今 here. One of our favourite food place(other than 新时沏- a bubble tea store we patronize twice a day). Nice non oily food and a value for money.

Starting to play with bamboo and prototype some ideas we have

WEEKEND – 千岛湖 and 捉妖记(movies at 银泰城 near school can be paid using school card!

Bus terminals that go to outlying areas

Boat we took to visit 3 of the islands

Dragon Hill

Apparently they only sell this kind of biscuit here, it’s called 孝母饼

Feeding koi? or…

Grass slide which went faster than expected. Not for girls who want to keep their weight a secret. Further you end from the bottom of the slope, the heavier you are…..

Some random photos of the lake

Not bad Takoyaki before a super cute movie. I would call it the China Baymax because of the little monster called Wuba.

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Hello I am Alethea! A member of Minions, a subcomm of 3SG, doing the welfare of the school. I'm into photography and love to capture scenic views. I think every photo tells a special story of the place like how everyone has their own unique story to tell. Being passionate about product design, one day I hope to create a product that can help people in one way or another.


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