Week 10: This weekend some of us went to Nanjing. We visited the historic Massacre museum and Confucius temple. Since it was the summer period, the heat was unbearable when we had to walk under the sun from places to places. Luckily we had enough umbrellas to shield ourselves and still got to enjoy quite a lot. The best was eating at 大牌档. Their soybean porridge is really good!

Week 11-12: These two weeks were the most productive. The Danz in ALP group filmed finish our item at the various locations around the school, in time for it to be premiered during the final showcase on  29 Jul. We basically sacrificed all our nights for practicing and filming but got to enjoy each other’s company while eating dinner at various places. After all the filming scenes were done, we even celebrated our dance leader’s birthday with a cake and drinks at Ellen’s bar near our school. It was so much fun freestyling and having a good time alongside our many close ALP friends. On top of that, many of us were also rushing out our Taobao items and shipping them back. A lot of jios to sing K and eat dinner together happened since we knew we probably have this kind of cheap luxury in the future when we get back to Singapore.

On the theme project related side, our theme met up more often than before in our little site at IDI classroom C where we had planted our wardrobe for making. Three days before the final presentation we were in really good time and had roughly completed all that needed to be showcased for 29 Jul. We did the filming for the video and planned our demo to the audience, prepared the slides and wrote our theme report, etc. Tasks were split pretty well so there wasn’t any last-minute rushing or needless headaches within the team. We celebrated our theme leader, Frosty’s birthday with a cake and even sang K together after a theme dinner with our professor and TAs. The day before our final presentation, our theme basically didn’t do anything but went out to play at the arcade together and have dinner at Mohito,  a bar near the Yuquan campus of ZJU. We had a free buffet after the final presentation which was quite a success (my friend said our product looks legit) and even went to sing K one more time while surprising yet another friend with a birthday cake midway through the session.

Week 13: In celebration of the end of our project, our theme went ice skating at In Time mall together and Mojito after that, where we met a lot of other ALP friends there. I guess it is a great rendezvous for many of us due to their cheap 15 yuan weekday promotions, 9-10pm free beer happy hour and billiard and foosball facilities. This week, many people also traveled out of Hangzhou to places like 张家界 (the Avatar shooting place) while some of us remained in Hangzhou but went to places like the 浪浪 water park, 黄山 and 龙井山.

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In this project we will develop a smart wardrobe and fashion recommendation App for daily management and recommendation of clothing. The smart wardrobe has the functions of picture capturing, picture uploading, clothing cataloguing, automatic searching, virtual try-on, online shopping, self timer and SNS. The fashion recommendation App can be used for clothing management, recommendation, online shopping and social networking. The wardrobe and APP can be communicated and the data can be updated in real time. In the project we will study the technologies of product design, interactive interface design, App programming, machine learning and image processing etc.


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