Shaoxing North Railway Station 绍兴北站

[WEEK 10] 20170709-20170715

Saturday, 15 July 2017

71 | Shaoxing 绍兴

Since we went to West Lake 西湖 in Hangzhou so many times, we decided to visit Shaoxing for their East Lake 东湖. [FYI, there’s also South Lake 南湖 in Jiaxing 嘉兴 and North Lake 北湖 in Henan’s Suixian 河南睢县 which we didn’t manage to explore :/]

We also visited the Ying Tian Tower 应天塔, Luxun Native Place 鲁迅故里 and …

Ying Tian Tower 应天塔

Luxun Native Place 鲁迅故里

East Lake 东湖

Is it 10.9 alr xD
At the back: Russell, Tessa & Victor

Group Photos

notice how un-sync Mao always is xD


Photo Credits: Caleb & I

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