I have never been a nature lover. Partially because I have not been to places with an awesome scenery that I found it worth spending an enormous amount of time and effort to say it was worthwhile for everyone to visit. Another reason was the fact that most of my holiday trips are visits to cities rather than outdoors.

However in ALP, it is a waste if I failed to climb the widely acclaimed mountain, Huangshan. There is even a Chinese phrase to fully support anyone making a decision to climb this mountain. 五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳. It means that if you visited the top 5 mountains in China, you would not need to visit the remaining mountains in China. If you visited Huangshan, you would not need to visit the other top 4 mountains in China. So to cut the long story short, just visit Huangshan and you won’t have any regrets with regards to mountain climbing in China.

Prior to this trip, my friend Raymond and I were faced with countless obstacles before we embarked on this trip. We had a tight timeline to install the Theme D Fitting Robot. Ranging from the CADing in Solidworks and Rhino to buying of many parts on Taobao to installation of the mechanical structure, we had to spend a tedious amount of time to complete it, to the extent we slept at 3/4 am for 3 weeks straight to rush out the robot. This was not all, weather on top of the mountain was unpredicatable and weather forecasts was not entirely accurate. The trip almost became impossible. But after squeezing out some time from our busy schedules, we managed to plan this trip.

Our travels was a blessing as the weather was perfect in July. Every picture and every video taken were mostly of clear weather and picturesque scenes. Well, let’s not waste everyone’s time reading text. Let the gallery of pictures do the talking.

What are you waiting for? Just climb Huangshan when you are in ALP.

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