This week, we took an 18hrs!!!! train ride to the city of ZhangJiaJie to visit its world renown national park!!!

it was said that the hallelujah mountains were the original inspiration for the floating mountains in the movie Avatar! I remember watching the movie about a decade ago and was absolutely mesmerised by the epic scenery!

Hmm…both pictures are gorgeous!!! can you tell apart which picture is from the movie and which is taken in real life??? jokes aside i was completely awestruck by the geography of the whole area, it was simply breathtaking!!

Also, i dont remember the creatures in Avater looking so dreadful :/ blegh…

Besides the Hallelujah mountains, we also journeyed to a nearby cave. We walked in the cave for what felt like forever…and everything around us looked so…..caveyyyy, it felt like a maze, everywhere u went looked the same, and it didnt help that the cave was absolutely ginormous. I felt dizzy towards the end from looking at the same rock formations within the cave over and over again, but it was a nice respite from the sweltering heat outside

Lastly, we visited Tian Men Shan before we returned to HangZhou

Tiian Men Shan was a mountain with a extremely steep cliff (vertical drops along many parts) and wew, the walking routes around the mountain were a test of my courage.

hmm how does the ed sheeran song go???

sing it! “when your legs dont work like they used to before”

wew, my legs went wobbly whilst walking along the glass bridge and i was absolutely terrified

Thats all for now folks!!! Till the next adventure!!!


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