For the past few weeks, as part of the requirement for volunteering hours, I would head to Mapo-Dong love aid foundation to teach children English.

These children come from the more underprivelleged households in Korea their ages range from 7-10 years old. I would visit the centre every Thursday and go through the alphabets with the children and try to interact with the children using only English.


The sessions are held in small groups to increase interaction between tutors and the children. As Korea is a very homogenous nation, many of the locals are not exposed to using English with native speakers.



These lessons are normally light harded and although it was difficult at the start as I do not speak Korean. Things were really enjoyable as the children start to get familiar with us.


Also there was an event that the centred held. It was “international day” where the students came and do activities and got exposed to cultural activities of other nations.



Overall, this was a really enjoyable experience and it was really fun to interact with the children has you see them open up more towards the end.

Unfortunately, some of the children were a little sad and even cried during the last lesson.


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