With 2 weeks left to the product launch date + visit to NetEase Company, we pretty much found ourselves working as quickly as we could to finish off all the ppts, videos, product demonstrations…. etc, etc.

Nothing much to blog about this week, so I’ve decided to post a nice photo of our beautifully designed product for you guys to enjoy it’s supposed to be a non-contact based musical instrument which allows you to play music by just waving your hands! Hahhaha its really more a fun product than anything else, but it’s been heartening to see how others seems to like the concept of it, esp during this week’s supposed “elimination” rehearsals (where we presented it to some of the profs and the rest of the ALP students)

Was supposed to be experiencing a typhoon in Hangzhou this week, but ironically enough the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect! (any guesses as to where this photo was taken from?)

A few weeks of work… Then we’ll be freeeee!



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Hi. My name is Yap Wei Jin. I am a 22 year old freshmore undergraduate currently studying in SUTD. I chose Engineering and Product Development as my pillar choice because I like to explore how technology; when applied correctly, can benefit our standard of living. I intend to participate in the "Music Emotion" theme during my summer exchange whilst in ZJU, which I am excited about because it pairs the two disciplines (Technology and Music) that I take an interest in. If you enjoy Music, Baseball or Dota 2, you are a friend.


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