Based several weeks work on learning Java and android studio, we almost finished the UI design and  coding. However, the most difficult parts are just coming. We start to move to the backend of the software.

To read the data from database, we need to learn SQL knowledge, which means we need to start from scratch in a new area. Our instructor taught us some basic knowledge about how to connect the data from different table based on local ID and external ID.

Meanwhile, we should add in the map function in our app. Since China blocked Google service, we have to explore Baidu map service. Unfortunately, all the instructions on its official developer website are for Eclipse rather than android studio, which brought us lots of problems and barriers.

Our mentor said he found a canteen card for us, maybe in the next week we can enjoy the free meal in the office. But right now we are still the loyal customers for the same noodle restaurant.

Working in the company
Enjoy the same meal every week :<
Discussing with instructor

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