Tadah! Group 1′s pretty model. Credits @ Jiayi

What a week!!! We finished physically building our first model for the kayaking site, after several painful weeks of editing it on AutoCAD.

Check out those details, and little humans

(more to be added later)

I think we’ve all come pretty far, and we’ve learnt quite a bit from Prof WU Jing’s comments! It’s a good preview for our upcoming term 4………..

And our next task is to finish up the posters, 3D models and our final model. Only 3 weeks left to go!!

And now to cover this week’s visit to 乌镇, a beautiful water town!

The sky was really nice that day… unfortunately it also means it was baking hot. We had to buy popsicles and cold drinks throughout the day to stay alive. But it was all worth it because the place was gorgeous!!


Credits @ weng! A talented lad indeed
We had to jostle through tourist groups since it’s holiday time here
Credits @ myself. Ahhhh nature……. even the water is green
Jiayi and Joshua, y u no in this photo?!
A candid photo of us discussing how to be candid
Disciples of Wu Jing


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