As mentioned in last week’s post, we dived headfirst into our ALP project this week, so the opening line of this blog is now back to talking about our workload. Having only around 2 and a half weeks to complete our project, we are indeed on a tight deadline to finish it off.

This week, we mainly finalised our plans for our product. We are creating an Android application for indoor navigation through Augmented Reality, where users can follow waypoints shown in AR space in order to reach their destination in an indoor environment. Aside from navigation, we are also implementing AR comments where users can leave comments in AR space about points of interests. Personally, I am really excited about this project as it is something that has a lot of potential applications – you could use it to find a shop (or the nearest toilet) in a shopping mall, to find a particular exhibit in a museum, or maybe even to find a particular stall in a hawker centre, while at the same time leaving comments about these places. Although it is purely software without any hardware component unlike many other themes, it is still a very challenging task to implement as it is a very multifaceted application and we will have to work very hard to make it a reality.

Aside from working on our project, many of our theme members also had an opportunity to visit Alibaba to listen to our friends who took the business class in ZJU. It was interesting to listen to their ideas on how the various Alibaba applications could be improved. It was also really interesting to take a look around the Alibaba office. They had a pretty interesting gadget:

A movable socket mounted on a power rail

And also a pretty interesting painting:

Group photo in front of said interesting painting

It was an interesting experience and a good way to take a quick break before going back and continuing our work.

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