A magic mirror that makes use of facial recognition! It’s supposed to help bridge the gap between the elderly and the newer technology of smart devices.

The week started out with a visit to an exhibition at Sanshang Art Museum. Our theme’s wonderful Prof Zhang decided to bring us out to an exhibition done by students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and China Academy of Art (CAA). These students from Hong Kong came to Hangzhou, China for an exchange program, and this is their Art Meets Technology exhibition, showcasing the product of their hard work.

Artworks with realistic textures.

Pillows with inbuilt speakers!

Following that, was a week of staying in and staring at computer screens, from dawn to dusk, as we rushed to be ready for the presentation in the following week. Staying in isn’t really thaat bad considering how merciless the Sun can be during summer in Hangzhou.

It was the final stretch and we consolidated all the things we’ve done, things to be improved and the things we each had to do. Our ideas have evolved so much since the beginning, becoming more streamlined and concrete. This is point where our goals had to be made extremely clear, working on all the essential things that would help us convey our ideas most clearly during the presentation.

Being near the end makes everything seem so surreal. Starting without much knowledge about web developing, we’ve managed to create something I’d say I am really proud of. Of course, there are many things left to improve, but I consider this a milestone worth celebrating.

– Ruth Wong

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Team members: Brandon Ricks Junjie Kon / Cheah Yee Kei / Ho Jin Teck, Daryl / Huang Jiahui / Lim Wei Xuan / Mandia Joaquin Inigo Manas / Ooi Kai Lue / Pinardy Yang Ping Zun / Raphael D Seng Zhiming / Ruth Wong Nam Ying / Yap Wei Jin / Yeo Xin He Burindy As we all know, “music can reach people deep inside and evoke different kinds of emotions”, so music plays a good role in promoting the brain function. It directly causes people to have positive or negative emotions, thereby affecting people’s lives and work. Therefore, we can design some products or applications about music to influence people’s or even plants’ emotions. Consequently, let the world all live a better life.


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